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Aloe Resin Lumps

Black Gum Aloe is a natural resin belongs to the specie aloe and its botanical, scientific and Latin name is Aloe barbadensis. Smell of this African aloe resin is extremely pungent and taste is very bitter and nauseatic. Alfarid Corporation supplies black aloe resin in lumps and block form whereby the origin being Kenya in Africa. Aloe gum is used in pharma and cosmetics industry to prepare various applications for skin. Other uses include aloes compound with other herbs and plant materials to treat indigestion as a laxative and to cure bronchial problems, congestion, headaches and treatment of sensitive body organs.

Other terms used for Aloes are Алоэ, Алоја หางจระเข้, Afrikaans Aloe, الألوة, Алоэ, آلوئه, Aaloe, Αλόη Алое, 芦荟, Eloe, אלוי Aló, Алое,aloe resin

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