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Gum Guggul
Gum Guggal
Commiphora Mukul

Guggul Gum

Alfarid Corporation specializes in the supply of Commiphora mukul guggal resin from interior regions in Pakistan. There are various types include Guggulu Tharparkar, Guggul Nagarparker, guggal diplo, blended grades, gugul sheera, cleaned and selected gum guggul carrying guggul sterones. This guggal resin is used as an ingredient for the patent guggulipid.

Guggul resin exudes from specific mukul tree in the form of gum or sticky material that gets dried and forms shape of thick lumps to small pieces of gum. Guggulu is a miraculous gum treated as ayurvedic herbs used as an ingredient in medicinal applications and herbal medicines to treat several diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity and excess weight to name a few. Further uses are curing arthritis, thyroid and menstrual problems.