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Acacia Arabica

Gum Arabica or Acacia is a natural gum and flavoring ingredient used in food and beverage industry and also in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in making concentrates and cosmetics use. Arabic gum food grade resembles as clear crystal gum and is used as an ingredient in coating formulation for food additive, stabilizer, liquid or drink thickener in health and functional food including confectionery. Acacia Arabica belongs to the species acacia tree I.e., seyal or senegal quality. Alfarid Corporation is a prominent Arabic gum supplier and also exports Arabic gum powder. As a botanical extracts, gum Arabic is also used in making adhesives and as a binding gum for material.

Other common terms used for Gum Arabic are Kummiaraabik, Gum-arabik, Arabikumi, Arabiese gom, Gomë arabike, الصمغ العربي, Gumiarābika, Gumiarabikas, صمغ عربی,Gomma Arabica, Guma arabska, Гам-арабськи, Cnoi Arabeg, גומע אַראַביש.

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