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Gum Myrrha

Alfarid Corporation is the prominent supplier of Gum Myrrha lumps, large pea size, small pea size, siftings, granules & myrrh powder. Gum myrrha is collected as irregular masses from specific trees belonging to commiphora species. The botanical, scientific or Latin name of myrrh resin is Commiphora Myrrha. In common language, it is also called gum ogaden for the highest quality myrrh resin. The best quality myrrh is goldenish brown in color -Grade 1 and the lowest grade is Black myrha. Gum myrrha is a natural flavor ingredient in several applications from stabilizer in food and beverage industry to its use as incense or fragrance in perfumery industry. Myrr is also used in cosmetics applications, body hydrating and rejuvenating lotions and creams.

Commiphora myrrha is also used as incense in burning in church channel and by Jewish and Christians religious rituals as incense burning in churches and temple. Alfarid Corporation offers Myrrh without any alien particles such as dust, stones, wood, admixtures. The types of mirrh gum are myrrh lumps, myrrh granules, large pea size, small peasize and myrrh siftings.

Further myrrh gum is used in treating wounds and healing bleeding and infections for its antiseptic properties. Myrrh has several miraculous uses and its significance is unlimited where it is also used in several medicinal preparations by pharmaceutical industry.

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Gum Myrrh